A Message to the McNally Smith Community

Only illusions have crumbled. We remain.

(deM atLaS with the backround music)
         McNally Smith, for me, was an excuse. It was a way to fool the rest of the world into thinking that I agreed to play by its rules. They said "go to school, get a job, get to work" I said "no problem" but my fingers were crossed behind my back.  

          I didn't go to school, I went to music school. I went to a place that didn't just teach me science, business, history, leadership skills etc. (although it did all those things) I went to a place where passionate, driven people made me fall in love with those things and see the fun in using them as tools to become a well rounded, fully integrated musical being serving a purpose higher than my self... I didn't get a job. I learned how to master a craft, or at least set myself on a course to doing so. I learned how to wake up everyday and create a career doing things that I care about, being passionately engaged with art and the world and others around me while developing an understanding of economy and innovation... I didn't get to work. I got to play. I get to play every single day at "work". I get to spend my life being playful and changing the world through this game. 

          I lied to you, society. See, you told me that I had to fit into your box. But I knew you weren't real so I stepped outside of that box just like every other musician, artist, entrepreneur and teacher does in their own way. We were told that the world works by certain rules that we had to play by in order to "fit in" and selling out our passions for a chance to survive financially was rule number one. Well, going to music school was my timid equivalent of Jimi Hendrix dousing his strat in gasoline and lighting it on fire at Woodstock (ok maybe Jimi did it better). Every one of us made a choice before we started down this path, to look at all of the adversity that stood in our way and say "this matters more". Even when record sales remained stagnant, our loans were piling up, our parents were asking when we'd get "real jobs", and finals were on the horizon... we said: "this matters more". We were given a gift by music and no amount of challenge or hardship would stop us from sharing that with the world. Walking through the hollowed cacophony of rehearsal rooms, recording facilities and classrooms past an orange dinosaur and giant painted heads of colossal icons like Ice Cube and Bob Dylan, we realized that it was OK to pursue our dreams. We realized that we had a community of dreamers to share that insanity with, that we could hold ourselves up with the strength of this belief, even as other parts of society and life seemed to be drained of their humor and mercy and levity we mattered and art mattered and teaching and learning and sharing and singing and drumming and playing and TRYING mattered. 

           I don't know why McNally is closing, I know it's something to do with money (as are most things in this world). Maybe the administration should have been forced to take some business classes with Charles Gehr or Scott Legere. I do know, that the things that are not ending are the only ones that ever mattered. I know that the connection that we had with each other in that building was real, I know that the love and dedication that the faculty members showed each and every day was real. I know that every concert, rehearsal, recording session, jam, lesson etc. contained in it so many of life's divine secrets and those secrets are still there to be mined by all of us. Most importantly, the community that we built of creative people, both here in St. Paul as well as internationally and most definitely intergenerationally is one that is more needed and more vibrant than ever. We are still here, and this simply marks the next phase in our journey(sorry for all the cliches Terri Whitman). What started as a couple guys teaching guitar lessons launched countless careers, housed countless talented musicians, developed and refined countless students and educators and I really believe that the whole world is better off for it, despite the sudden and tragic end. 

          And there will be adversity...  Where it currently stands after 4+ years the status of my degree is uncertain... and thats real. The loans that I will likely spend 20 years paying are real, the time that we have all dedicated is real. For some of you it is even realer, it could mean the loss of a job, deportation, homelessness, or even all three... 
      There will be people who have long ago sold their dreams away for creature comforts going through the motions of an empty life bitter about every risk they never took whose face will light up in glee as they turn to you and say "I told you so". And that will feel real. Because you have lost something. And even though you have a thousand memories of happiness and success and you have made gains through determination and hard work so many times before... that feeling of loss will still be there... and it may even be intense. But that doesn't mean it's right and that doesn't mean it's the end.

       Now the pen of destiny is in our hands. It's up to us to decide where our careers, our community, our art will go. This uncertainty, although terrifying when first realized is the mandatory first step to creating the next great thing and I see no community better to create that then the one I discovered at McNally Smith. Now is the time we find out what we are made of as a community, as musicians, as students, as adults. It is another cringe worthy cliche but this ending really does mark the beginning of whatever it is that the future holds and it's up to us to make the best out of the situation. Now more than ever, this means we have to make ourselves useful to the world. We have to figure out how to place ourselves in positions of service to the economy, work together to create new forms of infrastructure that will fill the huge gap left by the closing of the school. The show must go on and the money is out there to be made with new ideas. It is our time as young creatives to shape new markets and industries, to push innovation that generates profit and sustainability not only for our careers but for our planet and for coming generations. Go: throw a music festival, make an app, score a film, start a nonprofit using music therapy to treat special needs kids, teach people guitar lessons over Skype, make beats do something! The world can not afford to lose our gifts because of things like this.

Work harder. Use the loss as fuel. Allow it to soften your heart so it reaches deeper for compassion, for kindness, for empathy and meaning and make you a wiser human in doing so. Do not harden it to the world. 

          Thanks to everyone who helped me and put up with my bullshit at McNally during the last few years, I am grateful for you all. As far as students, engineers, and musicians in the community, we may be able to temporarily house some of your creativity at Cloverleaf Audio so if you have projects up in the air with no way of finishing them please reach out and we will do our best to accommodate any services we can. 

Let the looting begin
(JK If an ssl disappears do NOT look at me) 


Thoughts on the Death of Lil Peep

In his life, I thought Peep was the antithesis of what I stood for and what I believed Hip Hop to be about. I saw a wealthy white boy glammed up in diamonds, gucci and face tattoos glorifying drug abuse and materialism to teenage girls.


But I was projecting. I was looking at something new that I didn't understand and instead of investing energy and stretching my compassion in order to understand who this guy was and what he meant for Hip Hop and youth culture I wanted to brush it under the rug as something silly. 

In his death I am hit with cold realization and I am coming around. I now see that the things that I disliked in Peep were the things that I was afraid of succumbing to. I realize now that the aspects of his music and presumed lifestyle that I didn't vibe with are the proverbial "elephants in the room" in the conversation on America, youth culture and Hip Hop as a whole. 

How long must we watch these patterns unfold in front of us? Peep wasn't just a prosthelitizing idol in the culture of self deprication and abuse, he is one of it's ultimate victims. He was a young guy who felt a lot of pain, and that pain was amplified by millions of kids around the world who resonated with it.

In Peep, kids found rebellion, carelessness, individuality, independence, they saw a hero in the face of all of the suffering that they were feeling internally and they saw him as an example of a way out of that pain. The real fans saw Peep as a shining example of how to deal with the suffering of modern society. They saw someone who was tender yet tough, someone who was escaping the turmoil of broken homes and broken relationships through escapism. That escapism was drugs, partying and materialism. I don't blame Peep for this, he was just a kid. This is what worked for him. 

Until it didn't. 

"I was expecting this call for a year" - says his manager... And weren't we all? Aren't we all watching this intense spiritual sickness and understanding that at any moment the floor can collapse under us? How many dead heros do we need? 

I have always thought that Hip Hop was about beauty, freedom, revolution, connection to our highest energies. 
But if we want Hip Hop and life in general to be about those things, we, as a society, must address the traps that we are in. 

Most of this country is taking perscription pills. Most of this country will be killed by the food that we eat. Life expectancy for the coming generation is moving downward for the first time in history. Suicide rates, mass shootings, drug overdoses, all on the rise. Nancy Raegan failed. The DEA profits off of your drug abuse and improsinment, it doesn't prevent it. Our president is literally a sociopath with his finger on the nuclear trigger. There are American military bases in over 80 countries and our country spreads the empire like cancerous growth breeding enemies. Internally, Americans are living in a deep sickness caused by the way that we treat our bodies, our planet and each other. Lil Peep was not a proponent of this sickness, he was just one of the latest kids taken by it. 

"Sometimes life gets fucked up, thats why we get fucked up, I can still feel your touch, that's why I do those same drugs" - Lil Peep

Peep Was an artist. He was a brave and charismatic MC who was able to uncover and express deep emotions that resonated with millions of people. I wanted to look at him and blame him for the content of his music because I couldn't look at myself and bear that same responsibility. But it is. It is OUR responsibility to restore the minds and souls of our youth. It is OUR responsibility to bear our collective pain. We must stop killing our heros. 

We must stop glorifying self deprication and self mutilation (physical/spiritual/mental). We must STOP escaping the responsibilites of creating a happy and healthy society. 
I know, it's hard.
You can't blame a toddler for eating sugar. You can't (entirely) blame an 18 year old for eating xanax. You have to look at why, what led to these choices and what was the alternative? Did we provide a path for a young kid full of passion and confusing emotions to grow into a well adjusted leader of his community with millions of eyes on him? Or did we just "Truman Show" another victim, sentencing him to entertain us to the death, the internet being the modern coliseum for a gladiator struggling with complex emotions while trying to find himself?

Why do we support a criminal prescription drug industry that profits off of the death of our country? Why do we support a criminal music industry that sells these drugs to our youth in the face of an ever-growing body count? Why do we support a criminal political system which ignores our struggles while murdering for land and oil overseas? Do these things seem disconnected to you? They are not, they are all symptoms of our disease. 

We will either address these issues or we will lose the coming generations in the same way we lost Lil Peep. Be a voice for your community, be a leader to those around you, be a brother and a sister and a friend to the youth. We are all we have.

Rest in Peace Lil Peep, thanks for your contributions to music and for talking about pain that so many of us have felt. 

Lil Peep 1.jpg

The LOVE Band - "The Beyond LP"

The Beyond LP
by The Leaders of Vibrational Enlightenment aka The LOVE Band
Hitting Digital Retailers 9/27/17

Art By Lucas Zhao Photography  An album produced by Optimystic of the Lifted Mindz Family featuring a village of ass shakers and magic makers bringing you psychedelic World Hop vibes  Feat:  Logoz the Kritick Genreal Madd Oso Christopher Michael Jensen Moonshie Sax  T'Nelle Starr Will Green Angie Citlali  J.Sirrius Rockwel Heim  Kvmaal  Ricardo "Romie" Romero Ash St. John Elliot Roethlisberger   Check out some of the first singles here:   

Art By Lucas Zhao Photography

An album produced by Optimystic of the Lifted Mindz Family featuring a village of ass shakers and magic makers bringing you psychedelic World Hop vibes

Logoz the Kritick
Madd Oso
Christopher Michael Jensen
Moonshie Sax
T'Nelle Starr
Will Green
Angie Citlali
Rockwel Heim
Ricardo "Romie" Romero
Ash St. John
Elliot Roethlisberger

Check out some of the first singles here: 

Upcoming Festivals, Spotify, Store Up

Our online store is officially up! 
Huge thanks to Through The Noise for helping us take these awesome photos of our new product line as well as to all the models that came and looked so good in our stuff. Yall the real MVP's. 

We will be performing at some festivals in August and September! 
This weekend, (7/27/17) we will be traveling back to Harmony Park for Camp Fire 2017 to spin, run merrily through the woods, and perform a very special Saturday night set in the Harmonium. 

The weekend following, (8/3-8/6) we are heading up north to Vital Vibrations to play with Phutureprimitive and Zebbler Encanti. Get your tickets now while there are still some left! 

We will be back in MPLS after that on Aug. 17th (8/7/17) To play with our homies Space Monster at the Uptown VFW! Space Monster - Lifted Mindz Uptown Invasion

And the cherry on top of a Lifted Mindz Festival season would be incomplete without Shangri-La

Look out for Optimystic in the Harmonium with Sammy Strings and a full LMZ set in the Ohm Dome! 

Thats all for now, folks. Don't forget to check us out on our new @liftedmindz instagram and our Spotify page where you can stream our 'Planet LMZ' in it's entirety as well as some older gems. 



I am imperfect. Often unhappy. Many times depressed. Rarely confident. Perpetually aware of my shortcomings. I am anxiety-ridden, addiction prone, neurotic, monkey minded, social outlier. 

What do I do with all that? 

I love. I say thank you. I seek people who bring out the best in me. I support the things I believe in. I battle the demons that seek to take me down. I am a warrior. I work to forgive myself. I have no choice to but forgive others. I look for the best in every situation. I show up for the people I care about. I listen to opinions and stories different than mine. I read motherfucking books. 

I sit in the woods. I sit with my thoughts. I sit with god inside of both those things. 

I wage war on the things that killed who and what I love. Suicide, drug addiction, modern warfare. I ride into the darkness searching for a better world. 

And I will be damned if we don't reach it. 

Hip-Hop Reviews with the Kritick: Lupe Fiasco - "Drogas Light"

Hip-Hop Reviews with the Kritick: Lupe Fiasco - "Drogas Light"

Lifted Mindz is introducing a new hip-hop album review series! Whether it be local or global, we all know every hip-hopper has their own (frequently expressed) opinion about the latest release of the year, month, or week. The LMZ tribe all have their own particular views to express on the topic and I, Logoz the Kritick, am here to live up to the critical nature of my name by giving you my own review series from what I think are legendary projects within the vast realm of hip-hop.

The first edition I give you is from someone who, like a great few, lives up to the honor of being from the top 5 in my book of legends - none other than the Lupe Fiasco, with DRAGAS Light.

I grew up listening to Lupe; like many of us I first heard Kick, Push and discovered Food and Liquor. That being said I will admit I fall into the group of cats who don't dig Lasers as much as the rest of his discography because of its pop feel. Still dig it. Just not as much. But, it is a great addition because the positive aspects are felt within DRAGAS Light. So, following Lasers is Tetsuo and Youth which is, in my opinion, much closer to Lupe's roots (Food & Liquor, The Cool). The great thing about DRAGAS Light is that I feel like I hear Lupe find a firm-footed balance between the two albums, hanging on to his conscious beginnings while remaining one of the most respected artists in hip-hop, or even in general within the music industry as a whole.

Okay, get to the point, I know. DRAGAS Light, ladies and gentlemen, is a fine piece of work by a well-weathered master in the high art of hip-hop. Off the bat - the first track, "Dopamine Lit," is an intro that blows many emcees' whole discographies out the discussion. Following that is a very well-blended adventure through life in Lupe's eyes. "Promise" is another track that stands out to me. At first I didn't even know it was Lupe's voice. He pulls out his dangerous, almost parody-like, but boldly genuine style. And, indeed, I do believe he does keep it honest.. No joke - it's a disclaimer: he's back, he's making a point. All throughout the album this seems to be a prevalent theme. The next point that really hits is all the great features. "Tranquillo" has wonderfully-timed guest verses by Big KRIT and Rick Ross which, in my opinion, are a combination that also represents Lupe's dynamic between mainstream and the underground. The mix between sounding pop and staying real is prevalent on the hook in this song.

A few other songs that stick out to me are "It's Not Design," and "Wild Child." I really, really like the experimental vocal effects that Lupe uses in the back half of "It's Not Design." It brings a space-like vibe that actually makes you feel like a part of the story in the song - one of Lupe's best abilities. Then, back to back, we have "Wild Child." Definitely one of the more pop-driven tracks on the project - which usually steers me away. Not this time though. Lupe's lyrical content is par-none and the chorus has a happy, almost nostalgic vibe. The album wraps up with, "More Than My Heart," an awesome tribute to the moms in all our lives. Leave it Lupe to pick any topic and make a banger track every time.

All in all, Drogas Light is a fantastic ride through the masterful combination of grade-A hip-hop and catchy pop hooks. I highly encourage a front-to-back listening to grasp the whole image Lupe is trying to paint. As always it a beautiful scene - full of both beautiful and harsh truth. Throw it on and strap up your boot laces.

Thanks for tuning in. Catch you on the next review! Peace.
-Logoz the Kritick


Calling all producers and creators, 

We are proud to participate in a weekly Production drop called #beatdroptuesday where everyone is invited to drop beats and use the hashtag to peep the game of other producers as well as for MC's to network and find collaborators. So far the submissions have been fire from some of the Twin Cities best producers but lets get this thing going international!

Drop a beat on a tuesday
Use the hashtag #beatdroptuesday and search out other producers
If your an MC, use the hashtag to find Producers to work with and collaborate with. 

I'm sick of hearing people using youtube beats! In this interconnected world we have no need for such foolishness lets build together my people. 

Next one is coming up on 2/21/17
Also that night, If your in the Twin Cities, come out to Honey MPLS in NE cuz we goin be slaying the stage that night with Ancient Moon, Deeply Rooted Tribe, Apparition + More at Dream: A New Paradigm


Now check out the latest #beatdroptuesday submissions from the LMZ Family: 

Dream: A New Paradigm

We are playing "Dream: A New Paradigm" with a great group of artists. This coming Tuesday, 2/21/17 will be a party of epic proportions at everyone's favorite NE MPLS Basement, Honey.

Come out and rage as we party with a purpose, raise money for charity and celebrate Optimystic's Birthday! 

Shit will be bananaz. 

Get more info here!

Neon Giant EP Release This Friday w/ Lifted Mindz & Hardworking Lover

Yo wassup family

So we are happy to be performing at Lynlake Brewery this Friday to celebrate the release of Neon Giant's new EP. These guys are full force badass. Live jam/Hip Hop vibes without tons of passion and energy. This is their debut EP and we are happy to back up our homies. Definitely come out and hang with us if your in the Twin Cities. Lynlake Brewery is a really great venue with dank beer too so everybody wins. It'll be a bonanza. 

Get a taste of the new EP here and get more info about the event on the FB page

Eau Claire Today + New Instrumentals

Today we are heading off to Eau Claire, WI to play a glow party with our friends No Good Neighbors and a final goodbye show from American Zero. It is gonna be so fucking stellar. 
Check out the FB event page here: 

Happy birthday to Jess and shout outs to Dandee for putting this all together. 

Also, Optimystic posted up a new instrumental today as part of Decembers onslaught of new music. He is dropping new articles, songs, beats, and more every other day for the rest of the month. 

New Singles from the LMZ Boys

December always welcomes an onslaught of new music and we are happy to contribute to the avalanche. So far, 3 of the LMZ boys have released new singles in December. 

Logoz the Kritick dropped a self produced psychedelic, boom bap, trip through time featuring introspective lyrics about our chronological movements. Dig "Hourglass Illusions" here: 

eLoda brings us through a jazzy montage of melancholy madness, love, depression and our everyday demons, dreams and dreariness. Check out "Coke, Mimosas: Unemployment"

Optimystic has been climbing to the towards the mountaintop and wants to show everyone the peak. He has been slowly leaking his bedroom collection "Mt. Ida: View from the Peak" on soundcloud featuring production from Xela, Devaloop, Petrolane, Rene Schier and more

Check out Eclectic Ali's new Artwork featuring our song "Vibrate"

Eclectic Alii is an amazing artist who did one of our logos as well as work for Terrible Clothing and many others, now including Chaim Om Yoga. In this time-lapse video, she uses our song "Vibrate" (Optimystic + Devaloop featuring eLoda and Cappie) 

2016 Election: All the Feels, What We Can Do

2016 Election: All the feels, Why trump Won, What We Can Do; or, a hitchhikers guide to the American Political Body

I would like to first start out this article by reaching out to all my people, of every different race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, neighborhood, and political association. I want to say that I love you, that the majority of this world loves you and supports you and wants to stand with you. It is most often the loudest and most confused voices that get heard.

Well, I hope that this gets heard, I hope you know that you are not alone and that you are loved and that you are surrounded by warriors who are going through similar struggles. We are not alone, we are not even outnumbered. The overwhelming majority of human beings would like to see a world where we can all flourish, would like to be compassionate towards one another and grow together.

In times like these, it is easy to point the finger and blame the “other”. I instead would like to encourage you to take a journey towards understanding. I am currently seeing much of my social media world ablaze and many are saying they do not understand the other side, friendships are hitting frays, and almost everyone is apalled at the other half of the America that they thought they knew.

During this time, I encourage you to reach across the aisle and have difficult conversations. Ones that happen face to face with loved ones and strangers. Meet them with empathy and understanding, especially when it is most difficult to do so. Many people tell me it is difficult or useless or annoying to talk about hard issues such as politics. Sometimes, all of those things may be true. But, there is also nothing more necessary for the progression of our society and the evolution of our species than to engage in the difficult dialogue that will ultimately make us all more informed, compassionate, and bring about the ideas that will mold the future.

First off, lets make one point clear. Trump did not receive the popular vote. In fact, he received just about 59 million votes. With about 325 million people in America, that is about 18%. Hillary Clinton received a touch above that, but lost the electoral college.

Hillary Clinton is not the first presidential candidate to win the popular vote yet still lose the election. The same thing happened in 2000 during Bush vs. Gore (but it was the first time in 112 years). George Bush was the son of a President who was the son of an oil tycoon. Gore was a proponent of renewable energy and divesting from the old wealth (though his father too was a senator and career politician), and his loss hinged on a decleration made by Jeb Bush (Dubya's brotha, Prescott Bush's Grandson, H.W Bush's son and governer of Florida).

The Bush family was heavily embedded in the old money oligarchy and we all witnessed this play out during eight years of Dubya. During this time, we eroded the rights of domestic civillians, dissolving all privacy the people had from the gov, (NSA). We re-engaged Desert Storm (which was initiated by Papa Bush)esque operations by invading Iraq, Afghanistan and many other territories, overthrowing governments under false pretenses, opening up military and political vantage points and destablilizing the area. This is a direct proponent to the destabilization of Syria and an intentional military strategy. Something must be understood about the middle east, I wanted to address this more specifically but the amount of information is simply too vast for me to draw broadstroke conclusions so I will give a small tidbit and encourage you to do research for yourselves: 

In 1916 there was a secret agreement among the western powers known as Sikes-Picot which split up the Middle East between France, Britain and Russia. The knowledge of this agreement was released to the public following the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in order to embarrass the western nations.

Make no mistake, this is not a conspiracy theory. This is written history. Since that agreement one of the greatest empires in our written history, the Ottoman empire, fell to European powers (WWI) and the area known as the cradle of civilization has been infested with proxy wars and battles over resources to this day. Please research Sykes-Picot (also known as the Asia-minor agreement) as well as the history of these nations (especially Palestine) in order to form your own educated perspective on what is currently going on in the Middle East and the battles we so eagerly blame on the “evils of the Muslim religion” and “terrorism”.

I have no idea if Donald Trump is aware of the history of this area, but I do know that his islamaphobic rhetoric fuels the military industrial complex, pumping OUR tax dollars into a war machine that is fighting for interests that are not only foreign to you, but ones that our history books and media outlets have conveniently ignored. Any amount of research will allow you to see that the narative we have been sold is one that is at the very least highly skewed and at the most intentionally deceptive.

This is money coming out of your pocket. This is blood of American soldiers being shed. This is the turning wheel of imperialism. Most of all, this has been written into the power struggles of human history. It is business as usual. Yes, it's 2016 and we have been well dressed monkeys for a couple thousand years now but we still need to address the intentions and objectives of our governing bodies and learn from the history of the fallen empires if we want a chance of survival.

With Donald Trump vowing to put more funding into our already oversized millitary (OVER HALF OF OUR TAX DOLLARS GO TO THIS ALREADY: $600,000,000,000!!!) lift all restrictions on extracting nonrenewable energy from the ground and banning Muslim immigration while simoultaneusly degrading the Muslim communities already in America, we can see that whatever his intentions are his actions will lead to to the furthering of the millitary industrial complex, the shrinking of a truly free market and free ideas, enhanced eurocentrism and xenophobia, and a furthering of a narrative that is not only entirely false, but damaging to almost every human being on planet earth.

Heres the millitary budget Trump plans to EXPAND:



Why Would The American People Agree to this?

Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organised groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence...
Americans do enjoy many features central to democratic governance, such as regular elections, freedom of speech and association and a widespread (if still contested) franchise. But we believe that if policymaking is dominated by powerful business organisations and a small number of affluent Americans, then America's claims to being a democratic society are seriously threatened.” - 
Gillens and Page of Princeton University, 2014

Thanks, Princeton University. That starts to clear some headway for thinking about these things. America is a functioning plutocracy, one in which the average person has very limited impact on the state of affairs domestically and especially globally. This is exactly what Trump ran on! He told people they were being exploited by their government and they had no problem believing him because it was true. Now it is becoming more clear on how these internal American empires are functioning. Fred Trump, "The Donald's" father is worth between $200-$300 million dollars. Trump often alludes to having recieved a "small $1 million loan" from his father. Make no mistake, he is not intending to sound ironic or satirical, the amount of money and power these people hold is absolutely unimaginable by the average American, 45 million of whom are under the poverty line. Fred Trump, just like the Don, was investigated by the justice department, civil rights committees, and was arrested by New York Police as a Klansman (yes, KKK. Though, ironically enough this happened during a riot against fascists whose principles his son would later embody). I am making these points to signify that whether you're talking about Bush's, Clinton's, Trump's Koch's or any of the lesser known old wealth families, we are talking about a controlling class of people who indoctrinate large sections of the American public through misuninformation* while completely taking control of energy, housing, and economic policies. 

Now, it is also true that his policies will directly support the further exploitation of the American public, but that is beside the point for anyone who voted for him. Why?

This is the new age of free flowing media, with even Google tailoring itself to support your opinion as opposed to shedding light on new ones. Our news sources, also funded by special interest groups and political powers, are shaped to deliver a narrative, not truth. With the rampant rise of clickbait, who has time to sift through countless polarized opinion pieces that rarely add up? The ineffective beauracracy of local government makes it an easy target for people's anger and it doesn't take more than a minute or two on social media to find an article that supports ones' own opinons and claims. Why would these new media sources stop printing these incredibly shallow clickbait articles when they are generating the most ad revenue? The pillars of print media have fallen and even those businesses are adjusting themselves in order to survive in a new economic .

Frankly, any information that you want to be true can be found to be supported online. In fact, I am almost certainly subject to this myself.

The common person does not have time to sift through all the bullshit. Even people with degrees in journalism and political science have a hard time making sense of all of the chaos. The fact that a person would form an opinion so different and unsympathetic to yours is now simply a matter of the times we find ourselves in. We can not let this break us.

What does this mean?

We have been led astray. So many people were surprised, even outraged by Hillary Clinton using a charity in order to profit, getting donations from Wall Street and keeping certain emails private. Of course, we don't want our elected officials to do these things. Unfortunately,
The American government has a system called lobbying, the definition of which is basically legalized corruption. After the Koch Brothers passed Citizens United against Hillary Clinton back in 2012, allowing corporations to make unlimited donations to politicians, any checks and balances on this system have rolled back 100% and our government, certainly including Donald Trump is almost completely composed of corrupt practices on a federal level. Donald Trump himself makes an example of how his manipulation (rather his accountants') of the flimsy tax code that serves corporations and the wealthy elite is a sign of the corruption of the government. The thing is, he is correct, he has never paid taxes, and now he is WIDENING the loopholes that allow these corporations to profit engaging in the same practices of trickle down economics that have failed the AMERICAN PEOPLE for generations. 

I've been trying to make my point with examples, but let me just say it straight up: Donald Trump's TACTICS were to manipulate the American public through ways they felt were true in order to further his STRATEGY which is to continue the exploitation of American people, our tax dollars, the middle east, and basically every human being that does not have the last name Rockefeller or Rothschild. His tactics WORKED because of the degredation of our media, because we have grown apathetic as a society. These are direct results of the things that have been done to us.

BUT, my closing point is all of this is based on illusions. We still hold more power than these strange reptillians. Their greatest tools are our silence and the manipulation of public opinion through the spreading of misinformation. I'm going to sound cliche quite willfully when I shout these universal truths:


Certain things are clear

This is the time we must band together. This is the time we must become more empathetic and more honest and more trustworthy. We must accept new ideas and new people into our lives. We must travel. We must listen and understand. We must have hard discussions. We must overturn the current political processes that do not serve us. We must invest in the things that we want to be sustained, especiallly if we are in a financially stable position to do so. If you want the Donald, Rupert Murdoch, the Koch Brothers and Monsanto to control everythig that you consume from your food to your energy to your entertainment, then the powers that be WILL have their way with the world, for good or for bad.

But, if we want to be a truly progressive and enlightened society, we must engage with eachother, we must move forward with intention, awareness and acceptance. We must accept the responsibility that we are our own leaders unless we stand by and do nothing. Our silence is their greatest tool. The largest branch of their army is made up of the complacent civilians that clock into work everyday and funnel their tax dollars to further the agenda of insane imperialism.

Alright America I'm signing off now I love you